The great thing about a porch? It forms the ideal connection between indoors and outdoors. You can enjoy the outdoor life all year round. In the summer it provides a wonderful shade, all the more if you have the porch fitted with awning. Furthermore, your living room will stay a lot cooler. Have your porch fitted with glass sliding partitions, so you can also make abundant use of it during cold winter days. Wind, snow and rain, our porches are resistant to anything.

With a porch of EGM Aluminium you go for customization, quality and speed. Select the model that suits you best and adapt it entirely as you wish. As we manufacture everything in-house, the delivery term is only two weeks. So you can quickly start to enjoy it!

  • Customization
  • Own manufacture
  • Fast delivery
  • Budget-friendly options
  • Personal service

Cubo Line

Do you prefer a porch with a robust appearance? Then go for the Cubo Line with its cubistic features and extra wide posts. The Cubo Line Porch was designed to meet the strictest requirements. The durable 6063-T6 aluminum that we use for this porch is 5 millimeters thick. Not only does the Cubo Line look great, it is also very functional. A maximum thickness of 32 millimeters for the glass or polycarbonate, a maximum depth of 4,500 millimeters and a maximum stretch of 7,000 millimeters, makes this Porch extremely versatile. The Cubo Line Porch is the perfect combination of shape and functionality, that transforms your exterior into an oasis of style and comfort.

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Primeline R-Plus

Do you like stylish and modern? Then the Prime R-Plus of EG Veranda is perfect for you. The 4 millimeters thick aluminum construction, supported by the solid 6063-T6 aluminum, makes it a durable choice. The straight gutter makes the Primeline R-plus look sleek and modern. Not only does this add a contemporary element to the porch, but also it ensures efficient drainage of rainwater. The powder coating that we use to finish the porch, protects the aluminum against various weather conditions, so it will continue to look like new for a long time. The Primeline R-plus model combines functionality with style. That makes it the ideal choice if you are looking for a durable and great looking porch.  

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Primeline Plus

The Prime Plus Porch is characterized by the semicircular gutter. On the other hand, the Primeline R-plus and the Cubo Line have a straight finish. The construction of the Primeline Plus consists of 4 millimeters thick 6063-T6 aluminum that makes the porch robust as well as durable. Not only does the 80 micrometer powder coating guarantee a beautiful finish, it also protects the aluminum against weather conditions like rain, wind and snow. It will make your porch look like new for many years. With a maximum depth of 7,000 millimeters and a stretch of 6,000 millimeters the Prime Plus-Porch combines functionality with style, making it the ideal choice for anyone looking for a durable and beautiful porch.

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